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The SCIENCE of Awakening

Education in the 21st Century has become truly interactive. Where students used to sit and listen to lectures by teachers and professors, now they are helping to shape their own future as they learn. They learn by asking questions about what they are being taught, not simply committing facts to memory.

The STEAM teaching method (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) helps the student to more quickly grasp the concepts they are being taught, and apply them to real world situations.

In Awakening, you will read about science of the near future. But what drives the basis of the technology you are reading about in a fictional story? What will the future of A.I. (artificial Intelligence) represent as part of our daily lives? When a futuristic vehicle fires up its fusion engines and lifts off the ground, what is powering those engines to make it defy gravity? How will we me monitored by governments of the future, and will that be a good thing or a bad thing? 

Upcoming blog posts will look at different sections of the novel 'Awakening,' and how each section can provide a STEAM learning experience for the reader.  Most of the tech featured in Awakening is at or near reality at this moment.  We just took a look at what happens when that tech evolves, sometimes on its own, and what it means for  the people who have come to depend on it.

Questions are encouraged on any aspect of Awakening, and your comments are welcome!  Drop by and pick up your FREE First Chapter of Awakening on this site, and place your order for either the e-book, or the audio book, both deliverable in download format, along with our full Awakening Original Musical Soundtrack.

Until next time, remember, Learning begins with a question.

Doug Green

Author, 'Awakening'

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