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    Lou CasaBianca


    As a passionate and experienced author, composer, filmmaker, animator, publisher and social entrepreneur, Lou sees each project as an opportunity for creative collaboration, support of sustainable open source solutions and social change impact.

    Creativity and leading edge technology have taken him around the world — Recorded in studios in the US, UK, Europe, South America, Africa and Japan; Taken his cameras to the pyramids in Belize and Mexico and the head waters of the Amazon; Lectured at CMU & USC; Interviewed visionaries like Steve Jobs, George Lucas & Les Paul; Journeyed into cyberspace with luminaries like Depak Chopra, Ray Kurzweil & Carlos Santana.

    He has provided 3D, Augmented Reality, HD video, music, video game, virtual world and/or e-learning services to companies like: ABC, ABC News, Apple, Britannica, Discovery, Walt Disney, Disney Imagineering, HBO, IBM, Island Records, Mattel, MGM, Microsoft, Oracle, Sony and United Artists. His commitment is to values that support people, planet, and prosperity — driven by purpose, principals and a willingness to engage in hand-to-hand social impact politics when necessary.


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