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    The Creative Team

    Lou CasaBianca


    As an experienced author, composer, filmmaker, animator, publisher and social entrepreneur,
    Lou sees each project as an opportunity for creative collaboration, support of sustainable solutions and social change impact.

    Creativity and leading edge technology have taken him around the world — Recording in studios in the US, UK, Europe, South America, Africa and Japan; Taking his cameras to the pyramids in Belize and Mexico and the head waters of the Amazon; Lecturing at CMU & USC; Interviewing visionaries like Steve Jobs, George Lucas & Les Paul; Journeying into cyberspace with luminaries like Depak Chopra, Ray Kurzweil & Carlos Santana.

    His commitment is to values that support people, planet, and prosperity — driven by purpose, principles and a willingness to engage in hand-to-hand social impact politics.

    Douglas W. Green


    Douglas has always been a child of science fiction. From the first Star Trek Episode to the most recent movies, anything and everything sci-fi has consumed his attention.

    Writing fiction stories since he was a child in Elementary School, his mind was in the stars. What is out there? How fast can we go see it? What's beyond the next star?

    An early fan of Ray Bradbury, Issac Asimov and Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Doug was inventing self-driving cars and virtual A.I. Assistants while others were marveling at the new color television sets in the late 50's.

    Doug still has a framed, hand written letter from Sir Clarke that he felt inspired to seek out after devouring the Rama series of Clarke's novels. Sir Arthur told him to let his imagination take him wherever it wanted, for there he would find his future.

  • AWAKENiNG Chronicles

    The Collection


    A New Story & A New Hero

    The inspiration for AWAKENiNG came courtesy of the late Gene Roddenberry, who, through his Star Trek stories, attempted to tell the viewer tales of morality in the guise of faraway imaginary worlds. AWAKENiNG is a study of the best, and the worst, that humans can be, if left to their own devices. The story could be told in any genre and still be as powerful. But in the medium of science fiction, the readers are drawn into the world with the characters and finds themselves rooting for the underdog without knowing it.

    Doug skipped school during the entire Apollo 11 moon landing mission, and he can remember exactly where he was when the first Star Wars movie debuted in 1977. Doug has written for several sci-fi periodicals, including Trek Voyages, on articles regarding virtual sci-fi worlds within which role players interact with each other, to bring their favorite world to life. Doug also writes for the online magazine Examiner.com as their National Second Life Examiner, taking the reader into different first-person virtual world environments.

    AWAKENING Trailer

    The Eye of the Scalien

    The AWAKENiNG - Eye of the Scalien Trailer is a key part of the introduction and marketing of the AWAKENiNG brand and soon to be franchise. Designed as a transmedia trilogy, AWAKENiNG cover san incredible arch of history and time, flashing back to forbidden ancient mythologies, the disruptive present and into future imperfect worlds.

    The App

    The Eye of the Scalien The Game

    Our short-term goal is to create the first AWAKENING AR-VR App for Winter 2018. Apple expressed enthusiasm for augmented reality after the rise of Pokemon Go, a location-based game that uses the technology. AR, as it’s known, adds images and other digital information to people’s view of the real world, while virtual reality completely surrounds them with a computer-generated environment.


    The Eye of the Scalien

    The Story —

    AWAKENiNG is an epic sci-fi adventure story of disclosure and extraterrestrial beings visiting planet Earth over a period of millions of years and their encounter with a hero and his journey into a distant world in a distant time. The saga is told through the eyes of John Doe, an enigmatic hero who awakens out of a deep dream state into the world of 2388 with no memory of his past or his own present real self-identity. Jennifer Nurse proves to be more deeply into Scalien culture

    As he reconnects with reality he is inexorably led to believe that his expansive subconsciousness and mental gifts are the results of an in-dwelling alien being, a "Scalien' force he cannot understand and an intelligence he cannot manage. This controlling inner voice guides him to lead a Scalien revolution. He becomes the epicenter of the conflict and is thrust into a war between Scalien mysticism and Earth Government controlled psychic weaponry.

    Amidst the human enslavement of the aliens, history begins to unravel as the Scaliens recognize the arrival of the unexpected hero John Doe to unite to their take back their power as they "awaken" to the secrets of the mysterious quality of their psychic powers. Working on pure intuition, with little time and limited resources, the hero is compelled to help save the Scaliens and Humans from the destructive elements of the past and create a new unified harmonious empire.

    The Books

    AWAKENiNG Book One — The Eye of the Scalien a ~ 400-page book is the first installment of a multi-book series. Book One was published this month, and Book Two and Three are now in preproduction. We anticipate completion of the artwork, digitization, website, and distribution of The Eye of the Scalien digital content and marketing in Winter 2018.



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